Investigators in Toronto and London uncovered possibleterrorist plots last week, and there are eerie connectionsbetween the possible timing of the attacks involved and thedate June 6, 2006, or 666.

Since 9/11, there has been a suggestion that terrorists maybe using dates with occult or historical significance.9/11/2001 was such a date. It was the 10th anniversary ofthe day (Septeber 11, 1991) that George H.W. Bush announced the coming New World Order, an age of corporateglobalization that is anathema to Waahabite Islam andsymbolized by the World Trade Center.

There were also many odd coincidences connected with thenumber, including a connection to Arab astrology thatsuggested that it had been chosen for occult as well ashistorical reasons.

Now two major anti-terror raids just before 6/6/6 haveuncovered possible ferocious assaults in Toronto and London.In Toronto, 12 men were arrested for allegedly planning anAl Quaeda style bombing attack on Canadian symbols,including the Houses of Parliament. In London, two allegedterrorists were arrested on suspicion of planning a chemicalattack.

Were either or both of these attacks set to go off on 6/6/6?There were numerous numerical coincidences involved in the9/11 attacks, beyond the historic signficance of the date.There were similar 777 patterns associated with the July 7,2005 London bombings. The Madrid train bombings took place911 days after 9/11 on March 11, 2004.

June 6 might be used by terrorists as an attack date becauseof widespread beliefs about its biblical signifcance. It isalso 222 days after the October 25, 2005 start of the Muslimriots in Paris, which are regarded within the terroristcommunity as an important prelude to the planned overthrowof a western nation, either France or Germany, in the futurewhen the Muslim population has grown.

Did British and Canadian police save us from an attack onJune 6? Are there other attacks planned which have not beendiscovered? The next 24 hours will tell the tale.

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