We’re down to zero on most of our sale books, but we still have a few left, and most of these will probably be abducted by our readers this weekend. If you missed one of these great reads, now’s your chance to catch up?at a great price! Keep reading for details.

Did you know that scientists have proved it is possible to contact the dead? Not only that, you can learn how to do it too! And when you do consult a psychic, how can you avoid being hoaxed? Let’s hope, when we reach the other side, we can hear angelic music as beautiful as that composed by Steven Halpern.

UFOs are a major topic here on unknowncountry. There’s plenty of evidence that the government has lots of information about them.

There are other strange creatures lurking in this world?how many of them are real and where can we find them? Are they dangerous? Maybe we should just sit back and enjoy the experience!

What’s going to happen in our future: Will the sun destroy life on Earth?as it did once before? Was this predicted in the past?

And last, but not least, how will we learn to cope with it all?

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