A Special Report from Anne Strieber

I knew it! An Associated Press story from November 29, 2000 says that men really do listen with only half their brains.

In a study of 10 men and 10 women, brain scans showed that only the left sides of men?s brains lit up when listening, while women used both halves of their temporal lobes. The left side of the brain is associated with listening and speech, while the right side is used for understanding abstract concepts.

Is this why I have sent Whitley to the ear doctor 3 times, only to have him return with a diagnosis of “Male Selective Deafness Syndrome” (for which nothing, apparently, can be done). Is this why female suggestions about such things as taking out the garbage the night before it will be picked up are so little heeded?

I knew science would come up with the answer eventually!

(It is unlikely that Whitley is aware that this story has appeared on our website. I mentioned it to him, but he wasn’t listening.)

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