Radar images made on July 10, 2001 from GOES weather satellites appeared to show a large, perfectly circular cloud formation over different areas. This caused rumors that government weather modification programs were in operation, and that HAARP or ELF-based technology was the cause of the problem.

However, the images were due to a glitch in the Unisys Corporation’s satellite image interpretation system. Subseqently, such images have not reappeared, and the raw data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s GOES satellites never showed the bizarre cloud formations at all.

We are providing two images with this story, the first of a weather satellite map offered by Unisys on July 10, 2001. This was processed at 2115Z time, and shows the apparent anomaly. The second image, from the Continental US-West GOES 10 satellite is also from July 10, 2001 and clearly shows the same area of Texas on which the bizarre image appears. However, there is nothing present but a vaguely elliptical scattering of fair-weather cumulus in the area. The image was captured at 2100Z, just fifteen minutes before the Unisys image was processed. No GOES images available in the NOAA archive show the unusual pattern.

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