Two weeks ago the sun emitted an electromagnetic pulse that would have caused a catastrophe on Earth had it struck us. But it passed through Earth’s orbit two weeks before we arrived at the point of intersection. Had it hit our planet, it would have destroyed hundreds of the massive transformers that our electric grids depend on. It is unknown how extensive the damage might have been had the pulse hit us, but if its greatest energy had struck the United States, larger areas of the country would have been left without power possibly for years, and the country as we now know it could have ended.

EMP events are not rare, but this particular storm was nearly the equivalent of the 1859 ‘Carrington Event,’ the largest solar storm ever recorded. In 1859, all it did was disrupt telegraph systems. Had the same thing happened two weeks ago and the US taken a direct hit, it is possible that most of the country would have ended up without power for years.

In Whitley Strieber’s ebook Solar Flares, he points to a 2008 National Academy of Sciences study that showed that, if 350 of the massive transformers that our power grid depends on were destroyed, it would be ten years at least before power could be restored. During this time, it is estimated that more than half of the American people would die, and the country would be destroyed as an organized society.

Former CIA Director James Woolsey has recently been urging Congress and the Obama Administration to do what Whitley Strieber suggests in Solar Flares and harden our electrical infrastructure against this danger. So far, there is rising Congressional interest but a lack of response from the Administration. This must change.

Read Whitley Strieber’s Solar Flares and write your congressman. Action is essential now.

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