Is our universe just one of many? Are some of these almost identical to ours? Scientists think this may be true and they have now created a test to investigate this theory (and if it is true, it would explain a lot of the things that are going on all around us!)

The researchers who think that parallel universes are real say that shortly after the Big Bang, space-time expanded at different rates in different places, giving rise to bubble universes that may function with their own separate laws of physics. Researchers suggest that if our universe contains other universes, we may have bumped into them. Such collisions would have left lasting marks in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation, the diffuse light left over from the Big Bang that pervades the universe.

In, Clara Moskowitz quotes astrophysicist Daniel Mortlock as saying, "If you imagine two ordinary soap bubbles colliding, then the surface where they intersect is going to be a circle, so that’s the key signature we’re looking for in the CMB. There’s no obvious sort of other thing that could cause this.

"One possibility is there are multiple different universes with different laws, and some are not right for life and so life doesn’t evolve, and some are right for life and so creatures evolve and make measurements and ask deep, twisty questions like this. For that reason (the theory) is very appealing. "It brings the idea of eternal inflation and bubble collisions into the realm of testable science. If it’s not testable, it’s hard to even call it science."

This could explain some of the bizarre experiences that contactees have. But Moskowitz writes, "However, the possibility of multiple universes also comes with some unsettling implications. For example, some calculations suggest that a reality with infinite space and infinite universes would necessarily have to repeat itself sometimes, leading to the conclusion that copies of Earth and everyone on it exist somewhere else out there."

She quotes Mortlock as saying, "Once you open up this can of worms, there’s all sorts of very adventurous thinking on this sort of thing. If there’s infinitely many universes, then surely there are other copies of you and me having this conversation. It’s hard to think about, but it’s hard to get around."

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