This is a strange creature that has been seen across the United States for ten years. Now it has been observed in Maryland. Is it some sort of a hybrid? (NOTE: You can get a copy of "Hybrids," along with an autographed bookplate designed by Whitley, from the Whitley Strieber Collection). Is it something created by the Chinese?

The animal was trapped by hospital workers and then released. So far, no DNA studies have been done to determine what, exactly, these animals are. Unfortunate media references to "chupacabras" have made scientists wary of doing such studies.

When attempted to get DNA from the carcass of such a creature found in Elmendorf, Texas studied, at first the researchers called to tell us that the DNA was not from a known animal. Months later, we were sent a report saying that it was from a coyote. The skeleton was compared to a coyote’s, and was found to be completely different. We concluded that the lab had sent a false report to avoid controversy.

Meanwhile, the species appears to be becoming more common, as sighting reports are increasing. It appears to be a harmless animal, in no way related to any mythological or folkloric "goat sucker." Until proper DNA studies are carried out, its true nature will remain unknown. 

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