Almost all of us have lost friends and parents to cancer. Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy can prolong a patient’s life, but now there’s hope for a real CURE to this dreaded disease.

Scientists have learned how to create stem cells from human fat and turn them into “suicide genes” that seek out and destroy tumors like tiny homing missiles. Researcher Cestmir Altaner says, “Nearly everyone has some fat tissue they can spare, and this tissue could be a source of cells for cancer treatment that can be adapted into specific vehicles for drug transport.”

In New Scientist, Celeste Biever describes a different kind of anti-cancer “bullet.” Other scientists have created gold-coated glass “nanoshells” can seek out the location of tumors and then destroy them in a burst of heat. It’s almost like an anti-cancer video game!

When it comes to treating cancer, there’s real hope for the future?at last.

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