It’s pretty clear by now that drought is in our future. The percent of land area experiencing exceptional drought reached record levels in August in three U.S. states–Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas–amid new concerns about how long the conditions may persist. A record of over 81% of Texas was facing exceptional drought as of August 31. Almost half the country is experiencing drought. There may not be many more crop circles in our future (you can get $3 off our beautiful new crop circle calendar by using coupon 2012 by Friday, September 23).

A recent U.S. report shows over 59% of the US is drought-free, while over 41% face some form of abnormal dryness or drought. The amount of land area experiencing exceptional drought was over 9% percent, almost all of it in the southern Plains and Texas. Louisiana, now at almost 38% in exceptional drought, and New Mexico, at just over 30%, set records earlier this summer for the percent of the state in exceptional drought.

As harvest season begins, information is beginning to emerge about the drought’s toll. Agricultural economists conservatively estimate that agricultural losses this year will approach over $5 billion. Meanwhile, the US Climate Prediction Center recently forecast a 50/50 chance the La Nina conditions in the equatorial Pacific Ocean–which have powered this year’s current drought–will return in some form this fall.

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