reports there is a UFO wave in Texas, with over a dozen sightings. In Houston, Robert Thompson reported that on October 25, 2001, he was awake at 1:30 am and saw what I believes was a UFO. ?It didn?t have any lights on it, but I was still able to see it very clearly traveling across the sky,? he says. ?It was traveling west very fast and was oval. It was very high in the sky. It was the size of a quarter held at arm?s length. I would put my hand on the Holy Bible and swear to you that I saw what I said I saw. I don?t know what it was. However, it was big enough to see in the dark night sky, and it truly frightened me.? He is certain that it wasn?t an airplane.

About more Houston sightings, ?Beau? says, ?I want to report sightings for the last fournights. I?ve seen unexplainable lights in the sky. Both my wife and I have seen them, also on two nights a friend saw them from another location five miles away. The first night there was one about 30 degrees in the sky, and to the east of me over Spring, Texas. We saw many light patterns from it with all colors. It appeared to ?get tall? then return to its original size. Then it would hover from side to side and up and down.

?We saw it for 40 minutes then went to bed, at 11:00 pm. The second night we saw it again, 35 degrees up a little to the south from previous night. I called my friend who saw it too. Then he said he saw two [of them] and when I walked further away from trees I saw the second as well. We watched it for 2 ? hours, until 2:00 am. The third night there was only one that I observed for thirty minutes from12:00 to 12:30 am.

?The fourth night there were three in a pattern like a check mark. They took turns being active. We watched from 7: 30 to 9:30 pm. My friend saw them and my neighbor too. She had binoculars so I could see the colors a little bit better. They were brilliant colors of every shade, but mostly blue, purple, and green. I went out again from 12:30 to 1:30 am and the check mark shifted and [shifted, so that] the low point of checkmark wasnow the high point. Last night was a full moon too, and these devices still were plainly visible when the stars were not. We called the local Fox weather desk; they reported no meteors or weather balloons etc. These sightings in my opinion are definitely mechanical in nature and not stars or planets. We were watching something bizarre.? A report from Adkins, Texas, says, ?We were standing outside on my front porch on October 14, 2001, when one friend noticed a bright light moving. He first thought it was a star, but it began to move erratically at 6:00 am. He pointed out that it was unusually bright and had an odd shape. We began to watch as the craft came closer towards us. It was moving slow and seemed to be dipping and rising. We grabbed our binoculars; we noticed it had a red light around a bright white light. I thought it was two red lights, one on top and bottom, while my friend saw red on bottom and blue trailing. Two of us saw a blue slow blinking light heading towards the main craft. When it got near the craft, it suddenly headed straight down, leaving a blue tail like that of a comet. We watched for about two hours until dawn, when we could no longer see it.?

A student reports from Huntsville: ?I?m part of a marching band and we?re from Houston. We went to a competition in Huntsville October 28, 2001, and for our lunch break we headed back to the bus from the stadium and we saw a whole bunch of flyingwhite things. At first we thought they were birds but every 3 seconds they would disappear and then come back, and then disappear and come back, repeatedly. It looked like a school of fishes, but in the sky. There were two groups of them. The whole band saw it.?

From Austin: ?On October 25, 2001, there was a firework-like flash with a lighted point hitting another and creating a short spark shower. It then disappears.?

From Buna and Deweyville: ?Several friends and I saw a slow or nonmoving object almost due east from my house on October 25, 2001, at 1:30 am. It was flying at about 10 to 20,000 feet high, with a constant, very bright white light and alternating flashing blue, red, green, and maybe purple color?Sometimes two or more colors could be seen at once. The object remained in its position for 30 to 40 minutes and seemed to move upin elevation very slowly. There was no lateral movement seen.?

A man reports from San Antonio that ?Last Friday night, at October 18, 2001, my wife and I traveled back to San Antonio from Victoria, Texas after a high school game. My daughters are on the dance team and their buses were unloading at 1:30 am. I was talking to a friend of mine as we were standing by his truck, [when] there were low streaky-looking clouds above us. We were less than a 1/4-mile from downtown San Antonio. We happened to be looking up for a moment and saw a turquoise luminous cigar shaped object streak across the sky. It was as if a neon light has turned on for a moment and streaked across half the sky above us, then turns off, then back on again. This object was cloud high and confounded the two of us. We both saw it at the same time but could notsay what it was.?

There were also reports from nearby states. In Lawton, Oklahoma, 24-year-old Kari, reported that in June she would sit outside her friend?s house ?because I love to look at the stars. Around 10:00 pm, I noticed to my left a bright glowing ball of light. Thinking it might be a flare from the army base I really did not become startled at first, but then I realized that the army base was to my right and no where near the ball of light. Then the ball of light started to move, not falling down like a flare would but across the sky very slowly. Then it just disappeared into thin air. I ran inside, told my friend about it, and ran back outside. Fifteen minutes later, it looked as if one of the stars was moving in the sky, but it was not moving about like a satellite, but more random, kind of darting about the sky. I know I saw something.

?Later my friend Moniqua, whose house I was staying at, said that she was not surprised because she and her husband had a weird experience. They were leaving late one night 10:00 pm, [and] when they walked out the front door, a flash of light covered them, like it scanned right over them and then disappeared. They said they walked back into the house and just sat there for ten minutes before talking to one another. They just did not know what to think.?

From Vail, Colorado, a woman writes, ?I hesitate to call what I saw a UFO but it is unidentified. This morning, October 31, 2001, at around 6:15 am, I stepped outside of mycondo located in Avon just outside of Vail. We are located on a small lake, and there were no real obstructions around me. The Sun had not yet broken the skyline. We are at 7500 feet altitude, surrounded by mountains that reach above 11,000 feet, but we are not closed in.

?I saw a very bright light in the eastern sky that at first I thought was a morning star, except that the horizon was already lit up from the Sun. The bright light was brighter than any star or planet that I have observed in the morning sky before. It was located at approximately 60 degrees above horizon, if the horizon were flat. Above it and to the left was another light, with the intensity of perhaps a star or planet. They appeared to be far away, but not far as in the typical skyline. Reflections were ruled out because the objectsreflected toward the west, not toward the light source of the Sun. Neither object moved, so I assumed they were stars. My husband can verify this. Just about then the clouds from the west were moving in, and our view was obscured. For a moment or so I saw them again, about 5 minutes later, and the sky was already brightening up for sunrise. I have observed skies all my life. I was an air traffic controller in the military and am used to seeing all kinds of lights, planes, and ?spook? helicopters, (such as the Friday night right after the tragic events of Sept 11th when nothing else was flying).?

From Phoenix, Arizona: ?On October 25, 2001, myself and another individual witnessed a flying triangular-shaped craft flying about 1000 feet at a high rate of speed at 10:20 pm. It had no lights coming from it and it seemed that the ambient light from the city was all that made it visible. It quickly flew in and out of view, flying straight south, and made no sound. It had 5 or 7 white orbs on the under side in an arrowhead shape consistent with its direction of flight. One half of each of the orbs protruded from the craft?s dark, hardly visible fuselage. It appeared translucent, 12 to 20 feet wide, and 15 to 23 feet long. There was nothing in the object?s flight path to [allow me to] obtain a good perspective.?

In North Dakota, Brian Vike says that on October 31, 2001, he received a report from a witness who was out for a midnight drive with friends. ?Off to the east was the weirdest light at 12:02 am. We all saw it at one time, like it just appeared at once, and that was why we noticed it together. It was going very slowly, almost hovering at times. It had three colors of lights on it, in a strange formation, not like regular airplane lights. It was so mesmerizing, so we stopped the vehicle and got out to stare at it. It kind of gave us the chills, but we couldn?t take our eyes off it. It hovered for awhile, and moved again slowly, up and down, then moved forward again. The lights seemed to brighten up. It wasn?t like any planes that I have ever seen before. The sky was clear and we saw the full moon on the other side of the sky. It was a beautiful night, and [it was] freaky standing there watching this light formation with the Northern Lights dancing behind it. We keptasking each other, ?What is it?? I prefer to think it was something not of this world. I keptsaying, ?Well beam us up and let?s get on with it!??

Down south, in Harrisonburg, Virginia on October 15, 2001, a witness was standing on his deck and noticed circular object, off-white in color, traveling at supersonic speed. At 5:25 pm it was still daylight. The circular object was solid in appearance but without any distinct markings. At first the witness thought it was a plane of some sort but then noticed it didn?t emit any sound. The witness estimates that it was 3500 to 4000 feet high, and 50degrees off the horizon. It resembled the color of an off-white cloud. The object was going northeast at supersonic speed because it was out of sight in no time. He say, ?When I first noticed the object, it was about the size of a nickel or quarter at arm?s length. As it traveled, it rapidly decreased in size until I lost it over the horizon.?

In another southern sighting, in Nashville, Tennessee, a man says, ?At 9:40 am, on October 26, 2001, my wife and I were traveling on I-24 and noticed two jets that appeared to be heading toward each other (for a possible collision). One was heading east and one heading west. Out of bewilderment, we continued to observe the planes. After watching for approximately two minutes, suddenly, a bright silver-appearing disc-shapedobject (the width of the jet stream itself) appeared between the two planes and swooped into the jet stream of the plane coming from the east and traveled the entire length of that plane’s stream in approximately 2 to 3 seconds and disappeared. As soon as the object disappeared, both planes veered away from their flight paths and turned to go in opposite directions.

?Needless to say, in light of the attacks on Washington and the World Trade Center, we assumed the planes were military aircraft zeroing in on something picked up on radar.?

We can?t leave out the midwest: In Wisconsin, Tony E. was driving on Highway 13 on November 4, 2001 from Pittsville when he witnessed a bright light, bigger than a falling star. It moved faster than a falling star [as well], coming straight down perpendicular to the horizon beyond or over the city of Wisconsin Rapids at 7:10 pm. Says Tony, ?I was so far away, that it appeared to disappear behind some woods.?

In Saint Louis, Missouri, a UFO was seen on a weather forecast. Dave Arnold writes, ?This morning, Nov. 6, 2001, while viewing the news on KTVI Channel 2 between 7 and 8 am, I saw the following, when [they were] cutting to a weather segment. Behind the news anchor was a background video window showing [a pre-recorded view of] the St. Louis downtown dawn sky, looking east, which was a beautiful collage of colors, when an object came into view from the center-left of the screen and continued in a straight line horizontally across the picture?at which point the video froze. The object appeared to be an elliptically-shaped ball of light, white in color, with trailing tail. It looked like a teardrop [lying] on its side. It [seemed to] travel slowly, as it took nearly two seconds to move from left to [before] it was stopped. Anyone viewing this newscast, if they chanced to look at this background video, could not have missed this. The image remained frozen onscreen for 3 to 5 seconds before they moved on to the next segment.?

From Florida, a witness reports, ?I saw an object over Miami on Saturday night, October 14, 2001, from 12:30 to 4:00 am. The object appeared like a star but was zigzagging in the night sky. When I looked through my binoculars, I noticed that it appeared much like a jellyfish with two limbs and a light source inside. I contacted a friend who lives tenmiles west of me and he confirmed seeing the object in the west. [It] would disappear behind the clouds. My family also described it as ?a jellyfish-like object with two legs and a light inside.? I thought it looked more like a frog with two legs and with a light inside. We all agreed that it looked and moved much like a kite would and not a weatherballoon. How could a kite fly well above the clouds??

In Poughkeepsie, New York on October 13, 2001, a witness reports, ?My wife, myself and two friends were driving back from a haunted hay ride at 12:45 pm [when we] saw a strange star. We were driving south on the New York State Thruway on a very clear night. I opened the sunroof and was looking at the stars when my wife said, ?Look at that really bright star.? It was in the east and low on the horizon and was moving. I asked my friend to pull over and got a good look at the moving light. It was moving in odd formations, so we thought it was a plane moving across the sky. But after a minute or two it was still in the same spot but moving up, then to the left, right, and down. It would even dim, then become very bright again, then move in circular motions, and then dim out completely. Then it [suddenly] brightened up again. The shape of this thing was a triangle and [it was] very bright. I don?t know what it was, but it was something and I hope I have the opportunity to see it again.?

From New York City comes this report: ?It was a chrome-like color, as big as a one-storybuilding, maybe about 250-500 feet in the air, and it glowed reddish-black and left a whitish trail when it left on October 15, 2001, at 2:00 pm. During this event, the object changed colors three or four times, [from] reddish-black to a very dark red. It sounded like a whistle at first, but became silent, [then] came on again. It was similar to Morse Code. I saw at least a dozen lights on it that were various colors. I was talking on mycell phone at the time to my wife, telling her about this, and it was coming in kind of fuzzy. Then I heard a noise coming from my cell phone?and then it went dead a couple of seconds later. The noises I heard from the phone could have been a language, but I could not understand a word of it. After my phone went dead, the UFO left a few seconds later.?

Leaving the United States, we discover that a Norwegian telescope camera seems to have captured a flying object near the Moon. To see these images,click here.

In another story, we told how English authorities have stopped investigating UFO sightings because they feel they can be easily explained as conventional objects. We?d like them to try and figure out some of these! If you have a UFO sighting, please report it to Filer?s Files.

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