In addition to reports from people who are having various types of experiences using the new meditations, Unknowncountry is receiving an unusual number of UFO reports from around the world. Keep reading to learn more about these extraordinary events?which you will not be able to read about anywhere else! A brilliant apparent meteor was observed off the coast of New Jersey on Saturday night. There are reports of brightly strobing lighted objects being seen in North and South Carolina. Overseas, mysterious orange lights continue to be reported in England, most recently in Wimbledon, Banbury and Great Yarmouth. The Ukraine is experiencing a wave of sightings, as is New Zealand. Triangular formations of lights are appearing over Belgium.

And these are just the reports that are reaching us, or that we are finding in the world press. They mean that UFO activity is now at lest as extensive as it has been even during the great UFO waves of the past, and probably more so. The US general media seems almost to have a policy of ignoring these reports, so there is almost no way to find out just how extensive they are, except through a clearing house like Unknowncountry.

If you have a UFO to report, let us know about it at and, of course, send your report to the National UFO Reporting Center. Do you live near a nuclear power plant? We have received a sufficient number of reports from people that reside in such areas that we are especially interested if you observe unusual lights nearby.

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