Experts warn that food and water shortages caused by global warming could lead to future wars, and may be causing one of the wars that this going on RIGHT NOW. Past history makes it even more likely that this will happen. This is why the United Nations has become concerned about climate change.

In, Andrea Thompson reports that researchers who studied nearly 900 wars fought in China in the last two thousand years (and Chinese history goes back a long time) found “a correlation between the frequency of warfare and records of temperature changes.”

It’s pretty easy to understand: during times of drought and flood, crops are destroyed and people have no choice but to move on?no matter if someone else is already there. The conflict in Sudan may be an example of this kind of war, but this may be solved soon. BBC News reports that a huge underground lake has been found in Sudan’s Darfur region, which could help end the fighting in that arid region. The government plans to drill over a thousand new wells. According to the BBC, “analysts say competition for resources between Darfur’s Arab nomads and black African farmers is behind the conflict. More than 200,000 Darfuris have died and 2 million fled their homes since 2003.”

The Environment News Service reports that UN officials are working with climate experts to urge international action on global warming. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is quoted as saying, “We cannot continue with business as usual.”

The BBC quotes geologist Farouk El-Baz as saying, “Much of the unrest in Darfur and the misery is due to water shortages. Access to fresh water is essential for refugee survival, will help the peace process, and provides the necessary resources for the much needed economic development in Darfur.”

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