NASA has found what it calls “compelling” evidence that water is flowing on the surface of Mars RIGHT NOW, and has documented what it believes to have been water flows withinthe past seven years. Keep reading to see more fascinating images.

There are many images taken on the surface of Mars over the past few years that seem to provide evidence of water flow that have either been ignored or dismissed by scientists. An example is an image of apparent standing water that was assumed to be a form of fine dust. However, this image is in need of re-evaluation in view of the discovery that water is evidently flowing from time to time on the planet’s surface.

In addition, images such as the “log,” also pictured here, should be re-examined as possible artifacts of some sort of organic matter, or fossilized organic matter on the planet. Previously, this image was dismissed as an unusually shaped boulder because it was assumed that life forms as complex as large trees could not have evolved in the short time that the planet was a viable incubator, and, in any case, fossils from so long ago would be unlikely to appear on the surface.

An alternative explanation for the “gullies” seen in recent images from NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor could be that they were carved by liquid carbon dioxide. In order to settle this question, researchers at Malin Space Science Systems, where the Mars camera is controlled, decided to retake photos of thousands of these gullies, so that they could be reevaluated. According to BBC News, “Two gullies that were originally photographed in 1999 and 2001, and imaged again in 2004 and 2005, showed changes consistent with water flowing down the crater walls, according to the study. In both cases, scientists found bright, light-colored deposits in the gullies that were not present in the original photos. They concluded that the deposits ?possibly mud, salt or frost?were left there when water recently cascaded through the channels.”

When we think about space, we think about secrets?especially those secrets that too many people feel compelled to keep. Remote viewing is one of those “officially denied” government secrets. This week, just for subscribers, Whitley interviews Joe McMoneagle, who was Remote Viewer 001 for a reason: he was the first officially sanctioned remote viewer in the Army?s Project Star Gate.

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