If you want your teens to have a happy social life, DON’T let them watch wrestling on TV?especially if they are GIRLS. A new study shows that the frequency of adolescents viewing wrestling on TV is positively associated with date fighting and other violent behaviors. According to Nielsen ratings, wrestling is one of the top 10 cable TV programs.

Researcher Robert H. DuRant, who did the study, says, “This study…shows that exposure to this type of violence on television during this crucial period of time [in a teen’s development] can affect adolescents in a negative way.”

He discovered that the frequency of watching wrestling was highest among students who later engaged in date fighting after drinking alcohol or using drugs. The results of this study may also indicate that the violent lyrics of rap music and the violence in the most popular video games may be affecting teens negatively as well. When teens in inner city neighborhoods that are already filled with violence indulge in these pastimes, the results may be even worse. “The bottom line is that adolescents are affected by what they are exposed to,” DuRant says, and adds, “One of the more interesting things we learned while completing this research was that the relationship between watching wrestling on television and being the perpetrator of dating violence was stronger among females.”

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