First, the Rendlesham case was dismissed as misidentification of a lighthouse. UFO investigators proved conclusively that this could not have been the source of the lights seen that night in the English countryside.

Now Kevin Conde, a former Air Force MP, says it was the lights of his patrol car near the forest that were behind the famous 1980 UFO sighting there. Conde says he and another airman shone patrol car lights through the trees and made noises on the car’s loudspeaker as a prank on a security guard at the nearby RAF base. Air Force men who saw the object said it was transmitting blue pulsating lights and sending nearby farm animals into a “frenzy.”

Conde says, “It was fertile ground for a practical joke, and practical jokes are a tradition in the security police. We just drove through the forest flashing the lights through the fog. It wasn’t a UFO, it was a 1979 Plymouth Volare.”

Conde, who was moved to another base shortly afterwards, says he had no idea his hoax was responsible for the Rendlesham UFO sightings, which led to requests for UFO information from the Ministry of Defense and the U.S. government.

U.S. Air Force Sergeant John Burroughs says, “The blue lights coming down from the sky…I still have never heard of any technology capable of doing what I saw happening. The original stuff we saw cannot be taken for a police car. There’s no way [that’s] possible.”

Local resident Brenda Butler says, “It was definitely a craft, because we’ve seen craft down here. Rendlesham is a very strange place?it’s like a doorway opening from another dimension.”

Whatever happened at Rendlesham, we know one NASA engineer who took UFOs seriously.

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