Human beings are twice as old as scientists used to think we are AND we may have originated in Israel, rather than Africa. Meanwhile, new species of humans are still being discovered: A 4,000 year old finger bone has been found in Siberia that may belong to an unknown type of human being that may have emerged from interbreeding with Neanderthals. The bone was found in a cave in Siberia that seems to have been a home to these unique beings.

Israeli scientists have found teeth that in an ancient cave that are about 400,000 years old. Before this, the oldest Homo Sapien remains that had been found were discovered in Ethiopia and were half as old. On the "to the center" website, Kelly Marrone quotes archeologist Avi Gopher as saying that this discovery will change "the whole picture of evolution," which postulates that modern humans originated in Africa and migrated outward from there about 80,000 years ago. But prehistory expert Paul Mellars thinks the teeth are from ancient relatives of Homo Sapiens, probably Neanderthals or other human ancestors.

One could also wonder whether or not the Israelis, who are usually excellent and objective scientists, might in this case be "tweaking" the evidence in order to justify their controversial land claims.

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