?And if it was, what does that portend for both sides?right and left?in future elections? how can we ever again be sure that right person takes office? In the wake of the increasingly unpopular Iraq war, which is shaping up to be another Vietnam-style debacle, many more voters are asking themselves whether Bush was ever really elected president.

While Kerry was not overwhelmingly popular, exit polls after the 2004 election showed that he won handily, and supporters of Al Gore have unequivocally stated that he won the 2000 presidential election and should be serving his second term right now. In the first instance, the charge was led by disenfranchised black voters in Florida suspicious of a Supreme Court beholden to the government; in the 2004 election it was suspicion of the Diebold voting machines.

FreeMarketNews.com reports that there are new reports showing how electronic voting machines can be manipulated through software loopholes. A whistle blower from Diebold, the main manufacturer of the voting machines used in most US states, has leaked information about “alarming security flaws” in both the software and machinery. In recent years, we’ve relied on whistle blowers from the sources as varied as the CIA and Enron to tell us the truth about what’s REALLY going on in their organizations.

Many of us suspect that this voting manipulation, if it’s really happening, has to do with a group of powerful people who aren’t content with just doing well?they want to make a huge profit. At unknowncountry.com we don’t want to make a huge profit, but we do need YOUR support so we’ll be here tomorrow?subscribe today.

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