But UFOs still flew! – The volcanic ash that is slowing down airplanes isn’t have an effect on UFOs, and a triangle-shaped craft was even seen INSIDE an ash cloud! Maybe they’re using some sort of psychic navigation. (If you got our FREE weekly email newsletter, you would have already read this story! To sign up, click here).

While planes were grounded in the UK, there was no chance to mistake a conventional airplane for a UFO. On the Herald 24 website in the UK, Paul Christian quotes eyewitness Lesley Weir as saying, “On a night with no aircraft flying, I witnessed a light in the sky through my conservatory roof coming from the north. I then went to the front of house and saw the same light traveling south. There was no noise and it was traveling around the same speed as a plane.” She described it as “round and orange with a white center” and said, “I am sure this is not a Chinese lantern I have seen them before.”

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