Planeta UFO reports that a UFO was seen in Rosario, Argentina around 1 am on Saturday, Dec. 27. A witness took digital photos of the craft. There have been many sightings of similar craft in the nearby city of Victoria.

There are many ways to fake a UFO, and it is no longer really possible to determine for certain whether or not a given photograph is real. However, this is an interesting image because the object can be seen to be in two different locations in two sequential photographs, meaning that it is not something like a streetlight. However, there are any number of possible ordinary explanations. Still, like the famous Camarillo UFO that appeared over Camarillo, California for six years running, this object has been reported in the area where the photograph was taken many times.

Clicking on the first photo gives you a larger image that also shows the object in a new position. Clicking on the second one reveals some structural detail along the top of the objects. The vertical lines in the enlarged image are process artifacts.

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