Solving the Communion Enigma has a new website, On it, you can listen to Whitley Strieber read Chapter One, read excerpts from other chapters, post your comments about the book and ask Whitley questions. The site also enables you to find your nearest independent bookstore or Barnes and Noble in the US. The book is also available in Kindle and Nook editions on and

The book is getting very strong comments and reviews because Whitley has broken new ground with it. He has taken understanding of the close encounter experience far beyond where it has been before, coming to powerful and exciting new conclusions not only about close encounter, but the whole array of anomalous events that are happening all around us. He shows why our era IS different from every past era, and makes it crystal clear that, while it has historical precedent, what is happeng now is much more extensive than ever before. And then, in a brilliant last few chapters, he eloquently explains WHY this is so.

There has never been another book quite like Solving the Communion Enigma. A recent Associated Press review says the book has "enough compelling material to make even the rigid skeptic ask questions."

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