The way to solve global warming here on earth might come from observations of Venus. Was that planet just like earth?BEFORE global warming happened there?

BBC News reports that “data from a European probe orbiting Venus paints a picture of a planet that may once have been like Earth, but later evolved in a very different way. Venus has undergone runaway greenhouse warming, where trapped solar radiation has heated the surface to an average temperature of 872 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Earth and Venus are very similar. Even though Venus is closer to the sun, this is not enough to explain how much more it has heated up than we have. Astronomers think that Venus once even had vast oceans. The real reason is that Venus does not have our magnetic shield, which protects us from the solar wind. Our moon is what protects us from this force, as well as from life-destroying radiation.

Can we stop earth from becoming another Venus?or is this our inevitable fate? Perhaps only time will tell.

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