If we could see the future, we would be able to head off potential nuclear strikes. Now researchers have discovered how to use a crystal ball to protect homeland security: They’ve developed crystals that can be used to detect nuclear threats, radioactive material or chemical bombs. If this technology had been in place in Oslo, the bomb that was detonated in the center of the city might have been detected ahead of time.

This could ultimately could lead to improved detector devices for screening cargo containers at ports, airports and border crossings. It would detect trace amounts of radioactive or chemical material– similar to a CT scan or PET scan detecting a tumor in the human body–and lead to better medical diagnostics.

Physicist Richard Williams says, "Unexpected radiation situations are a fact of our modern world. By improving radiation detection and diagnostics, our research will benefit medical advancement as well as international security." Ah, if we could only see the future, we’d know if unknowncountry.com HAS one. You can keep us going for less than a latte a WEEK: Less than $12 gets you a 3-month subscription. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe today so we’ll still be here tomorrow!

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