The US is going through the worst drought in half a century. Since we feed the world, this could lead to a global crisis as crop shortages push food prices up. The US supplies half the world’s corn exports and a large amount of its soybeans and wheat. We even sell Texas-grown rice to Asian countries.

In the July 20th edition of the Financial Times, Jack Farchy and Gregory Meyer quote senior commodities trader David Nelson as saying, "I’ve been in the business more than 30 years and this is by far and away the most serious weather issue and supply and demand problem that I have seen by a mile."

The FT quotes UN Agricultural expert José Graziano da Silva as saying, "I am certainly concerned about the recent rises in food commodity prices, given their potential implications especially for the vulnerable and the poor, who spend as much as 75% of their income on food." In 2007-08, a rise in food prices triggered riots from Bangladesh to Haiti, as the number of hungry people in the world passed the one billion mark.

Native Americans have often been short of food, which is one of the reasons (Anne Strieber discovered) that they have trouble controlling their weight (NOTE: This download is now REDUCED in price to $2.99), but the Secret of Orenda is something much deeper–something we might even characterize as magic.

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