An extremely unusual weather formation developing over the Northeastern US could cause a monster storm, according to meterologists. “Meteorlogists say it’s unusual and it’s not like anything they’ve seen in fifty years,” according to National Weather Service Spokesman Curtis Carey.

The storm is expected to strike the northeast on Sunday night and to persist into Tuesday.

A front now moving across Canada is behaving in a way that is not predicted by any currently active meteorlogical models, or by observed experience. This front is traveling from east to west, and it is not clear why this is happening. It is assumed that the front will change direction soon and begin to move in a more normal manner.

At the same time, warm air is pouring up from the Gulf Coast, evolving a scenario not unlike that described in Whitley Strieber and Art Bell’s book, the Coming Global Superstorm. The pattern of the fronts and current weather conditions could result in a “ferocious, slow-moving storm” according to National Weather Service Meteorologist Bruce Terry.

On February 20, Unknowncountry ran a story about a persistent stratospheric warming trend, and predicted that this could lead to very violent winter weather in the northern hemisphere. To read that story, click here. We have added a new indicator to our Storm Quickwatch called Stratalert, provided by the Stratospheric Research Group at the Free University of Berlin.

Current weather patterns are highly unusual all over the northern hemisphere. Siberia has experienced the worst cold in a century. The United States and Canada are being hit by very violent weather, and weather extremes are causing both spring tornados and winter blizzards from the same storm systems. For more information about these patterns, click here.

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