Houston was flooded by a record-shattering rainfall on Tuesday. Almost 17 inches of rain had fallen by 2 PM Monday, and more rain is in the forecast. Large areas of the city were flooded, and the waters rose so fast that residents in low-lying parts of the city were unable to leave their homes. Emergency services were overwhelmed, and many residents became involved in ad-hoc community efforts to escape the rising water. The 5 deaths all involved vehicles becoming submerged. In once case, two people were found dead in a car that had driven around a barricade and entered a flash flood area.

Texas has been hit by heavy weather for weeks, due to an unstable moist air mass that is hanging over the state. Until it dissipates, extreme weather conditions will persist in the area. More flooding is possible on Tuesday the 19th, as thunderstorms have once again developed in the area.

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