Unknowncountry has recently instituted enhanced security measures to protect your privacy and insure that your visit to our website does not result in any compromise to your security. Since the beginning of the site, we have never sold email addresses or data in any way whatsoever. We also have a policy against data mining on the site. In other words, when you come here, there is nothing watching your actions in order to push ads to your computer, or for any other reason.

Over the past few years, data mining and the use of robots that exploit user presence on a website from the users’ own computer have become more common. So has online fraud. In our experience, 99% of online fraud attempts have come from just a few countries, and we have taken additional security measures in regard to them. At the same time, our site’s firewall has been enhanced to limit the ability of robots to search here. Each day, Unknowncountry experiences one or more directed denial of service attacks designed to make it difficult or impossible for normal visitors to access the site. In recent weeks,
this activity has increased significantly, but the site has continued to be able to resist it.

One unwanted side effect of our new security is that users may sometimes get sent to a firewall warning page when they attempt to subscribe, update their account or move from one page to another within the subscriber area. If this happens to you, please write subscribers@unknowncountry.com, tell us what you were attempting to do, and our subscription manager will help you further. Another is that the site may run somewhat slower at times. Subscribers may at times experience slightly increased delays on login.

Our site was founded by Anne Strieber in 2000. She made it a daily news site in 2001. Since then, it has amassed one of the largest archives of rational alternative news, science news and radio programming in the world. Each month, more than a million people visit Unknowncountry. Dreamland has over a hundred thousand regular listeners. Because of our dedication to privacy, all of this is supported by subscriptions and the work of volunteers and just 3 paid employees, all of whom receive small stipends and do not work full time.

It is our hope and aspiration to retain this model and to continue to serve you in this uniquely non-exploitative way.

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