Unknowncountry.com is going to be offering evaluation of unusual videos. At present, our Out There section posts such videos with a simple graded evaluation, but the rapid increase in online UFO video has convinced us that we can do more.

We are going to be analyzing some of this video at a professional level of expertise, and also welcome your video or your suggestions. The great majority of UFO video posted on the internet is hoaxed. It is easy to detect most of these hoaxes. But that is not always true, and in recent years especially, video has been posted that is almost certainly authentic,and some of it is well worth authentication because it is getting lost in the sea of hoaxes. We will use a combination of professional analysis and interviews with the posters to provide the most accurate conclusions that we can. It will be possible for anyone to read the analysis, but only our subscribers will be able to view the video with our audio description and additional evaluative footage.

An example of the sort of video we hope to evaluate illustrates this story. You can see from the low quality of the comments posted by YouTube users,
that this work is very much needed.

We hope that this new program encourages you to offer Unknowncountry not only your videos and suggestions for evaluation, but also your financial support. This is a unique community and a unique website, serving an important purpose. To explore our subscription offerings, click here.

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