Residents of an exclusive community near Louisville, Kentucky have started to hear loud booming noises, and nobody can figure out where they’re coming from. On the WBIR website, Jim Matheny quotes resident Andy Wombold as saying, "It’s scary-loud. It’s loud enough that it makes your heart stop for a second. It sounds like a shotgun or an explosion of some kind. "Last Monday, about a week and a half ago, it was around 3 a.m. and it was, ‘Pow!’ All the sudden we heard a loud explosion. It sounded like it came from inside our house. It shook the walls. It shook the floor. It shook the ceiling."

Matheny quotes Dwayne Jones, another resident of the affluent Lashbrooke neighborhood, as saying, "It was like lightning struck directly beside the house. I jumped out of bed and ran outside. Then I saw a clear sky full of stars and knew it wasn’t lightning. The ground was still shaking for a little bit. It was like a big sonic boom. Just the whole house shakes. I never heard anything like it."

But they may be narrowing down the cause: Greg Potter, who lives in a nearby suburb, as saying his neighborhood has a similar experience a few years ago. Matheny quotes him as saying, "One night we heard all kinds of booms. It shook the house and the ground. We called the police. We eventually found out there was a gas pipeline that runs deep underground in our yard. The pipeline company was doing what they called ‘pigging’ where they shoot something like nitrogen slugs between the product to clear the pipeline." Sure enough, the Plantation Pipeline Company operates a large pipeline that runs through the area.

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