In 1999, Shaun Arrigo, a producer of underwater documentaries, along with the German archaeologist Hubert Zeitlmair, discovered what may be underwater temples off the northeast coast of Malta. He can?t understand why the Museums Department of Malta has ?totally ignored? his discovery and has left it ?unprotected.?

Despite this official disinterest, the Malta Tourism Authority has sponsored a seminar on the underwater temples called Discovering the Mysterious Past of Ancient Malta, with the participation of top international experts in the field.

The National Museum of Archaeology has received a report by author Anton Mifsud, saying that these are man-made. Mifsud is the author of ?Malta: Echoes of Plato?s Island,? which shows that Malta could be Atlantis.

The Museums Department says that ?no comment on the recently reported site can be attempted before a complete inspection has been carried out.? The underwater features consist mainly of trough-like structures, as seen by scuba-divers.

The ?underwater temples? were discovered when Shaun Arrigo and his brother Kurt were commissioned by Professor Zeitlmair to search for underwater features, based on a theory he devised from studying a Second World War aerial photograph.

The Arrigo brothers found circular holes and large boulders. The news spread rapidly over the internet, and Graham Hancock, English author of ?Fingerprints of the Gods,? came to Malta to film the area.

In May, the Arrigos discovered more straight and deep lines, again on the plateau off Malta?s northeast coast. A pottery plate was found in one of the lines and forwarded to the Museums Department, together with photographs. They made their latest discovery in October when they found more cart rut-style structures in another area of the same site.

Hancock says he believes the grooves to be ?definitely man-made.?

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