Despite the fact that the British government recently declared that there is no evidence for the existence of UFOs, the BBC sent TV weatherman Mike Powell out with UFO hunter David Kingston to see if he could find any signs of UFOs. Powell knows all about weather and can?t be fooled by cloud shapes, Northern Lights or ball lighting.

Kingston, who used to be in the Royal Air Force, has interviewed pilots all over the world who have seen UFOs from their cockpits. He has many videos taken by people who have seen UFOs flying all over England.

Together, they visited college lecturer and UFO investigator Craig Roberts and watched and he went under hypnosis in order to retrieve his abduction memories. His students have won awards for their UFO investigations.

They also investigated a recent UFO sighting that occurred Friday March 22, when a fleet of UFOs was seen over the English countryside that was videotaped by local resident Anthony Woods. Woods says military helicopters flew over the area afterwards. His wife Samantha saw the UFOs as well and they were both amazed by the large number of them. They appeared to be white luminous spheres of the type that were widely seen in Mexico a few years ago.

Woods says, ?I first noticed a fleet of spheres above my home around midday; there were hundreds of them! Me, my wife and daughter watched them; I taped over 30 minutes of footage. They were locked together in strange formations, some moving as others hovered, some were touching each other. There were at least 100 objects, probably more. I have never seen so many together before.” He describes the main craft has ?a huge, dark red glowing, kind of dual big sphere structured object definitely at very low altitude with a rotating sequence.?

Then on June 16, Britain’s Sunday Express newspaper had a headline saying, ?Flying saucers – After 50 years the cover-up conspiracy goes on….” The story talks about John Callahan, a former accident investigator for the Federal Aviation Authority, who has testified about the Japan Airlines Flight 1628 UFO sighting in November 1986, when the flight crew and radar operators saw a UFO 4 times the size of a 747 doing acrobatic maneuvers.

Reporter Hamish Mackenzie says, “What is clear is that a large number of individuals have come forward and made statements whose implications, if true, are profound. If the witnesses are who they say they are – and are found to be lying – then we should be very concerned about the type of individuals who fly our planes, control air traffic, man the missile silos and protect our communities. If, on the other hand, the witnesses are telling the truth then – no matter how extraordinary – this is a serious issue.”

None of this will come as a surprise to UFO investigators in the U.S. But what is surprising is that the government-controlled BBC and a major national newspaper have taken an interest in the subject. Imagine if the New York Times or NBC news did a serious investigation of UFOs?it?s something we can?t imagine happening here.

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