The Iranian government has announced that it has ordered itsair force to attack UFOs which are being seen near Iraniannuclear facilities in substantial numbers. Air Force ColonelSalman Mahini has said “all anti-aircraft units and jetfighters have been ordered to shoot down the flying objectsover Iran’s airspace.”

UFO fever has swept Iran since last summer. There have beenhundreds of sightings of glowing craft at low altitudes, asignificant number of which have been close to nuclearfacilities.

Iran is assuming that the unknown objects being observed areUS aerial reconnaisance vehicles.

The Iranian daily Resalat reported on Saturday that unknownobjects have been seen over Bushehr and Isfahan provinces inrecent weeks.

What is happening in Iran happened in the United States inthe late forties and early fifties, when UFOs were seen inlarge numbers, especially in the western US, and often closeto extremely sensitive military and nuclear facilities.

According to UFO investigatorStantonFriedman a UFO wasobserved near the Kalispel Radar Facility in Montana in late1951. Kalispel had a jet in the air at the time, and it wasordered to shoot down the UFO. Neither the UFO nor the jetwas ever seen again.

So far, Iran has not succeeded in shooting any of theobjects down.

There has also been extensive UFO activity over India andChina recently, and rumors that the Indian government hassucceeded in some exchanges with the occupants of theseobjects persist.

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