Something is changing earth’s weather far faster than globalwarming models indicate. The extremely violent hurricane andtyphoon seasons of 2004 have been followed by ferociouswinter weather, and now yet another tropical cyclone hasformed in mid Pacific, with winds in excess of 100 MPH.

In early December, an unprecedented blizzard dumped amonth’s worth of snow on Vladivostok, and record breakingwinter storms are now striking the US and Europe.

What has changed? It’s not clear yet, but some German andRussian scientists believe that cosmic rays may be playing apart in cloud formation, and therefore in the violent weather.

In 2002, a group of German scientists publishedresultssuggesting that the solar wind and cosmic rays may have aprofound effect on cloud formation, which would make them afar more significant influence on the weather than expected.

Now Russian scientists are reporting to the Russian Acadamyof Science that significant energy bursts are striking theplanet, and could be responsible for increasing the violenceof weather patterns already destabilized by global warming.

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