Farmers in Greece say that UFOs are destroying their fieldsby landing in them. “This huge circular flying object justfloated down from the skies on to my field,” saysAthanassios Tsioukas from the village of Prini. He rushedoff to tell his friends and “When we got back to the fieldthe aliens had gone,” he says. “But their machine had leftall these holes in the soil…which had cut into my crops.”

Apostolos Patramanis, who was in a nearby field at the timeof the sighting, says he looked up and saw “bright flasheslight up the skies–and then this huge object appeared andlanded on Tsioukas’s crops.”

These could be crop circles. Circular lights have been seenover fields in the U.K. just before crop circles have beendiscovered in them, but there has never been any suggestionthat the circles were made by landing UFOs. If these arecrop circles, the Greek farmers may be unfamiliar with themand may have seen the circular lights as well, causing themto blame the circles on landing craft.

To learn the facts about cropcircles and see beautifulimages of circles from thepast,click here.

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