A triangular UFO that leaves a shining trail behind it has been seen in the Worcestershire area of the U.K., and crop circles?which are appearing all over the world?have now turned up in the wheat fields of Italy.

There’s been a mini UFO flap in Worcestershire. Three triangular UFOs were seen on the same night, and one of them was described as having six lights on each side. It disappeared in the usual way: “The light suddenly shot off silently?,” says Michael Soper, spokesman for Contact International.

A man walking his dog saw six strange lights flying silently across the sky, and other people saw what they described as a pearl-shaped object. Soper says, “It was hovering in the sky, then it darted out of sight. We can’t speculate (on) what any of these objects are.”

In Latina, Italy, a huge design made up of concentric circles appeared in a field of wheat. The owner of the property, Giovanni Cenci, says, “I thought it was a joke, but then I saw the perfection of the lines and I was amazed. No one could have reached the center of the wheat field without leaving footprints. But there were none in my field. Now the news has gotten around and many people have come to see it.”

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