Gro Harlem Brundtland, head of the World Health Organization, says, “We have seen SARS stopped dead in its tracks,” and says China holds the key to whether it stays that way.

WHO’s David Heymann says, “China certainly is the key to this outbreak in many respects, particularly because China has been able to contain this outbreak.” China initially denied an epidemic was going on, and Brundtland praised them for their “change in opinion about what was necessary.” Dr. Paul Gully, director general of Canada’s health department, says that even though Canada acted quickly, Toronto couldn’t prevent a second group of SARS cases. He says, “It’s really apparent that the ember can continue to smolder and the disease recur.”

Finn Zedler, who developed a test for SARS, says, “?There might be more diseases like this coming up for which we will need very early measures in place and open public health systems. There will be a next time, that’s indisputable, the question is when.”

Diseases that jump from animals to humans, then travel around the world on airplanes? There’s a lot about the modern world that doctors don’t tell us.

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