Right now, Israel is on the lookout for scud missiles from Iraq, but in 1993, UFOs were being spotted in their skies. Residents of Kadima and Rishon Letzion reported many sightings of UFOs in the spring of ’93, including some landings. Circles were found on the landing sites, and researchers found silver-colored material in the dirt, as well as a red, oily substance.

Analysis showed that the silver-colored substance was pure silicon, which does not exist in nature. Silicon has been found in a least one implant removed from the body of an abductee by Dr. Roger Leir. Cadmium was found in the oily substance.

Witnesses say they saw bald-headed beings exiting the craft. The creatures were very tall, and they rushed into nearby houses. Hanna Sameh of Burgatu, which is two miles from Kadima, was working in her kitchen and heard her dog bark. When she looked out the window, she saw that the dog was being raised up into the air. As she watched, it seemed to fly past, then was slammed into a wall. When she stepped out of her house, Sameh saw a tall, bald man. ?What have you done to my dog?? she asked. ?It was bothering me, as you are now. I can do the same to you?get out of here,? was the reply. We have no information about whether she heard the voice inside her head, which is the usual way humans receive ET communications.

Gertzl Kasatini, of Rishon Letzion, saw what he thought was a flashlight in a window of his house. When he opened the door, he saw the same tall ETs. They were wearing shiny gray clothes and their faces were covered with what is described as a luminous haze. Kasatini became seriously ill two days later, but his doctors couldn?t find the cause of his illness.

ETs were also seen in the nearby settlement of Moshe Poret, where they destroyed all the pets and livestock. Memuneh Guet woke up in the middle of the night to find her dog whining on the floor. Someone had ripped its eyes out, but there was no blood at all. The dog died several minutes later. Then the woman rushed to her barn and found all of her sheep dead from tiny holes drilled into their heads. The corpses of the sheep did not decay for four months. These descriptions are familiar from reports of cattle mutilations, both here and abroad.

During the period of 1995-1996, Doctor Harav bin Bari and his cousin Muamad were driving home along a bridge at night, when they saw an odd figure. They stopped the car and stared at what looked like a small, white-colored man with large black eyes. When bin Bari looked into the being?s eyes, he felt it was reading his mind and he couldn?t move his eyes away for several seconds. A couple of minutes later, the men recovered from what seemed to be a kind of hypnosis and continued driving. Meanwhile, in China, 9 scientists are planning to travel to the far west to investigate a mystery pyramid that local legend says is a launch tower left there by aliens. The structure is between 165 and 198 feet tall and is in the western province of Qinghai.

The mystery pyramid sits on Mount Baigong and has three caves with triangular openings on its surface. Inside, it?s filled with red-colored pipes connected to the mountain and a nearby salt water lake. Rusty iron scraps, pipes and unusually shaped stones are scattered around the area, which is inhospitable and largely uninhabited.

A study carried out by a local ironworks suggests the pipes are very old, according Liu Shaolin, the engineer who carried out the analysis. Qin Jianwen, a spokesman for the local government, says, “Nature is harsh here. There are no residents, let alone modern industry in the area, only a few migrant herdsmen to the north of the mountain,” making it doubtful that the structure was built by the local Chinese.

What are ETs trying to tell us? Lissette Larkins has received many messages from them over the years. Read about them in ?Talking to Extraterrestrials.? American Indians and other indigenous people have long communicated with ETs. Read about these legends in ?Legends of the Star Ancestors? by Nancy Red Star, click here.

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