UFOs are big news in Germany and South Africa. In Germany, digital photographs have been taken of a rectangular-shaped UFO. There has been a UFO wave in South Africa, where a frantic search has been launched for a crashed craft.

On May 6, Tushar Bhatt and his girlfriend were walking through a town in Germany, taking photographs with their new digital camera. When they looked at the photographs later, they discovered that there was a rectangular-shaped UFO in the pictures. Surprisingly, this is not unusual: photos of UFOs are usually always discovered this way, often quite a while after the pictures have been taken. UFOs are often fast and are generally always silent, so they are often not noticed when they are actually flying in the sky.

In South Africa, a UFO was spotted crashing into the ocean, but so far, the sea has been too rough for divers to go down and search for it. There are no conventional aircraft in the area that are unaccounted for.

UPDATE: First it was a waterspout, Now they’re saying it must have been a small meteor, because the idea that it was an illusion caused by a waterspout didn’t hold water with witnesses. However, the search for an unidentified object that apparently crashed into the sea at Port Shepstone in South Africa will continue, according to the National Sea Rescue Institute.

The search began when witnesses reported seeing a UFO crash into the water. So far, nothing has been found, and searchers are positive that there are no dead bodies in the water.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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