A UFO fell to earth in Saudi Arabia last week, that witnesses described as saucer-shaped and radiating light. When it fell, it sent shock waves through the area and frightened nearby cattle. People ran away from it and watched from a distance. The Saudi military says it could be a spy plane.

Abdul Rahman Al-Osaimi, governor of Arraith, who went to the area where the object fell, says, “The object is not big, but it scares people.” Local resident Salman Al-Raithy says he saw the object flying at a low altitude before it fell to the ground.

A year ago, on June 12, there was an extraordinary UFO sighting near Laughlin, Nevada. Now local resident Bill Hartinett has broken his silence about what he saw. “It slithered over the roof of my house,” he says. “It blocked out all the stars and was a glistening dark metallic color. I looked for any sort of propulsion or flames. There were none and there was no noise” except for a sound like chalk being scraped on a blackboard. He says, “I could have thrown a rock and hit it.”

Hartinett, who’s an amateur astronomer, was in his backyard with his telescope when he saw three UFOs, apparently being chased by a military helicopter. “Three white lights came from the east,” he says. One “slithered” over the roof of his house, one shot across the river, and the third aimed for nearby mountains.

Hartinett, who’s had experience in the military, recognized the type of helicopter. “Somebody must have seen or heard something,” he says. The next day, his wife June called a friend in Las Vegas who told her that Nelis Air Force base had scrambled its aircraft and “everything that could fly” was in the air that night.

It’s the crop circle season, when we again ask the question, “What’s the link between crop circles and UFOs?”

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