The Malaysian newspaper ?The Star? reports that there was an increase in UFO sightings in 2001. The Center for Malaysian UFO Studies (Cenmyufos), which looks into reports concerning unidentified flying objects says there was also a reported case of alien abduction in Malaysia early last year.

Ufologist Ahmad Jamaludin, coordinator for the UFO center, says there were 6 UFO sightings last year compared to only 3 in 2000. The most sensational encounter was reported in February when a man claimed to have encountered a square-headed alien who wanted to take him away and was missing for 11 days. ?This could be the first reported UFO abduction in Malaysia,? says Ahmad. ?Although the 11-day period was a little odd (as most UFO abduction victims usually go missing for two to three hours or up to five days only), the fact that there were some UFO activities around Kota Kinabalu at that time could lend some credence to the claim.?

One report describes a saucer-shaped UFO, with flickering lights, being sighted before it disappeared behind a hill. In another sighting, which was supposedly videotaped, a bluish UFO was recorded flying in the night skies.

Ahmad says that in May, several people saw a lighted object descending from the sky one night and landing nearby. ?I investigated the case, interviewed several witnesses and prepared a video clip on the UFO landing over Baling for an upcoming television program,? he says.

?There is a cycle in UFO sightings. It will peak every 10 years,? he says, adding that the most recent cycle peaked last year. He expects only two to three sightings a year until the next wave peaks in 2009.

Ahmad, who has been studying UFOs since 1978, has found a close link between UFO sightings and Earth?s seismic activity. He feels that ?Gravitational forces emitted by objects in space cause the Earth?s fault lines to shake, causing earthquakes and, at the same time, act as a guide for UFOs to reach Earth.?

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