Tommy Woodard took a digital photo in Provo, Utah that appears to be a UFO hovering over some trees. He was taking photos in Provo Canyon on Tuesday while scouting for a possible film location. He didn’t notice anything unusual in the photograph, until he noticed a small speck in the corner. He zoomed in on it and saw the UFO.

He says, “The closer I got, the more impressed I got by it. I was kind of skeptical but it’s pretty obvious when you zoom in.” He called the Hill Air Force Base to ask if any planes were flying in the canyon onTuesday but says, “They kind of laughed, you know.”

Hill Air Force Base spokeswoman Lt. Caroline Wellman says she?s awaiting a response from the 388th Fighter Wing about whether any of their F-16 jets were above Provo Canyon Tuesday.

Someone from the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle says it looks like a bird. “A bird?” says Woodard. “Come on?I don’t know how he could think it’s a bird!” He doesn’t think it?s a speck of dust either, since he shot over a hundred photos and none of them contain a similar image.

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