We recently reported on the UFO wave in the UK, which is STILL GOING ON: So far this year 150 UFOs have been reported to police, military bases and the Ministry of Defense, compared to just 135 for 2007, and 97 in 2006. Now a similar wave is hitting Australia as well.

In the Telegraph newspaper, Laura Clout quotes UFO researcher Malcolm Robinson as saying, “Something really bizarre is happening in the skies over the UK. I’ve been dealing in sightings for 30 years and we currently have something very real which mankind cannot explain.”

This year could also set a record for UFO sightings in Australia. In the Australian Courier-Mail, Lea Emery and Darren Cartwright quotes UFO researcher Diane Harrison as saying, “We usually only get between 10 and 20 reports a week,” but they’ve gotten over 50 sightings in the past 2 weeks.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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