In Huntsburg, Ohio in late August, Michele Braun and her daughter Stephanie saw a UFO, and captured it on video. She says it looked like “a light hovering above our woods. It would start off like a little ball, like a little white light coming toward us and then it became like a half-circle, a rod.”

Neighborhood kids were sitting around a backyard bonfire, and some of them saw it too. One of the boys grabbed his video camera. The videotape shows a fiery ball that changes shape.

The sighting upset the family dog Rven. Stephanie says the dog was “just like going in circles and then she jumped on my mom; on her shoulder and then on her head. Like it was weird.” Dogs often refuse to enter crop circles as well.

Brooke Bunch writes in the Chillicothe Gazette that a series of lights lit up the Ohio night sky over a local football game late last week. Lonnie Caplinger was there with his son Bruce, who says, “I couldn’t believe it. It was too weird. It just makes you wonder what’s going on out there.” He happened to be looking up at the sky, when he saw two bright lights that appeared to be moving toward him. “Then of all of sudden, a third one appeared, then a fourth one, almost like a tear drop dropping out of the other one,” he says. “They were in a horizontal line, four bright lights. Then they slowly turned orange and just disappeared.”

He had an almost identical sighting seven years ago. “Coincidentally it was in the same area,” Bruce says, “and at the same time of year.”

His father Lonnie says that 20 minutes after he witnessed the third series of lights, he saw what he thought were two fighter planes circling the area. “Evidently they were from Wright Patterson (Air Force Base),” he says. “They came at a high rate of speed. They circled the area for several minutes and left.” However, according to Crystal Lavadour, of Wright Patterson, there were no reports of strange lights that night. Lonnie thinks the UFO could have been a plane, “But if it was a plane it was huge, huge, huge.”

Did the Brauns video a UFO? Judge for yourself: To download the video image,click here. This isn’t the first time that a UFO has been videotaped in Ohio.

Will we ever solve the mystery of what UFOs are?and what ETs want?

Hear an in-depth report on the latest Ohio UFO from Linda Moulton Howe on this week’s Dreamland.

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