Hundreds of people report seeing strange light over Bavaria in southern Germany recently. Local authorities have received calls from people reporting a loud explosion and strange lights in the sky and the Bavarian interior ministry says hundreds of worried citizens called to report the UFOs, described as a series of flashes that looked like lightning. Panicked callers jammed police telephone lines seeking an explanation. Air traffic controllers at Munich airport also reported seeing the lights.

Germany?s national weather service says it is possible a meteor or a piece of space junk burned up or exploded as it entered the Earth?s atmosphere. It also suggested the lights could be a particularly strong occurrence of the aurora borealis, or northern lights. The German army reported no unusual movements on its radar.

?It was like a huge firework,? says a reporter in Munich. ?You could even see it through half-closed blinds. It lasted around three seconds.?

We asked German UFO researcher Michael Hesemann, who will be on Dreamland April 13, about this and he replied, “I spoke to several eyewitnesses and there is no doubt it was indeed a meteorite.” To access Michael’s fascinating website,click here.

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