According to a Turkish UFO site, on November 1st, airline pilots in several different planes, as well as witnesses on the ground, saw a bright light they first thought was another plane–then realized was a UFO–when it broke up into a group of smaller lights and rapidly vanished. One pilot says, “I’m 100 percent certain that the object I saw was not a conventional aircraft, an asteroid or a comet. It was definitely a UFO.”

One of the pilots describes the sighting this way: ?We kept watching it while it flew?We then realized that it was not a conventional aircraft but certainly a UFO. As a matter of fact, I saw 10 or 15 constant lights flying very close to each other, and there was a blinking bright white light underneath. These white lights were leaving yellowish trails behind them. Then they started to move away from each other. We observed them for about 40 seconds until they disappeared, so I concluded that they flew faster than the speed of light.?

Another pilot who saw the UFO says, ??We realized that it’s quite unlikely for this thing to be an asteroid. From the reddish color emerging from it, we thought that it might be an airplane in some state of emergency or even about to crash. When it came to the position 12 o’clock, we saw a mass of red light in front of it, small light formations stretching back behind it and one more blinking light on its rear edge as if it were the beacon of an airplane. This thing was definitely not an airplane or an asteroid. It was something like glowing light formations moving together in a bigger mass of light. [Then] the mass of light disappeared and the small bright formations moved away.?

Yet another pilot says, ?On November 1, 2002, 14 minutes after we took off from Antalya Airport for Munich?a light approaching from West caught our attention. At first, considering that it was an airliner drawing near to us, we started to look out the window with extreme interest. As it got closer it got bigger allowing its huge mass to be seen. After looking at each other with amazement, we kept observing the large mass in a stunned manner?At first sight it appeared like a single mass, but as it came nearer we saw a huge mass?in the middle surrounded by tens of plane-like objects. I first thought that they had been carrying out some kind of fuel transfer in the air. But that wouldn’t be possible with so many airplanes.

?We couldn’t grasp what was happening. We asked the radar station in Ankara if they picked up any signals. They said they had not seen anything on the screen. Sun Express pilots also stated that they had seen UFOs. There was no signal on military radar indicating presence of an unknown object?The interesting part of it was that the mass of light vanished suddenly as if it eavesdropped on us.?

The UFO was seen from the ground as well. A pilot says, ?I’ve been working for an airline company located in Antalya as a captain pilot. On November 1, 2002, when we were preparing for departure from Antalya for Stuttgart?I spotted a flying object that we couldn’t identify.

?We had completed all preparations and were waiting for the passengers to come on board. When I stepped into the cabin to confirm and make sure that everything had been done for take-off, one of our cabin attendants called and said, ?Captain could you come over, there’s something I like to show you.? Our plane stood towards West. When we had a look towards North/Northwest, I saw that bizarre flying object. I couldn’t estimate how high it was flying.

?It was faster than an airplane but still slower to be a shooting star or asteroid. It was more like a ball of fire leaving trails behind it, flying from West to East. As it was getting out of sight, its glow was phasing out?I then learned that some other colleagues had watched the same object and what they saw confirmed my observation.?

The manager of a nearby hotel says, ?When I was driving downhill?I saw a marvelous shooting star that made an angle of 90 degrees down to the ground. At exactly the same time I watched that magnificent view, I saw a cluster of light moving on my right. I tried to comprehend what was happening. What I saw was violating the laws of physics?If it were an asteroid it would crash onto the ground with an extreme speed. [Then] the object -whatever it is- disappeared?I couldn’t figure out what it was. Some friends warned me that I might face cynical attitudes. So I kept silent until I heard the news on November 7th, 2002.?

An imam (Islamic prayer leader) saw it when he went to the mosque for early morning prayers. He says, “I saw luminous objects looking like long minarets.?

Another witness who also saw the UFO says, “A little while before the prayer-call we saw a number of objects in the sky. The objects then formed a cluster of yellow light. It was glowing all around. I wouldn’t believe if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.”

The website states, ?How can we explain that such organizations like NASA and NORAD failed to spot these objects? There may be two reasons for that. Either they covered it up to avoid sparking panic among people or extraterrestrial technology made it invisible using some kind of energy shield. One of these can possibly explain the fact that the objects had not been picked up by any radar.? Of course, they could very well have been picked up by U.S. military radar?and probably were–but were kept secret, as most UFO sightings are.

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