UFOs have been spotted in two places in England. One of these areas has had regular UFO sightings in the last 8 years. Closer to home, a UFO has been seen in California.

In the North State News, Kimberly Ross reports that firefighter Quincy Hatch and his team were driving to a potential fire in Shasta County, California on Christmas Eve when they saw “a bright light and an object streaking across the sky.” Ross quotes Hatch as saying, “At first, we thought it might be an airplane that went down.” Local sheriff?s deputy Jesse Gunsauls admitted to seeing the light as well.

In the UK Evening Leader, Steve Graves reports on a Christmas Day sighting of ?several orange-red orbs moving “faster than a plane” through the air, and “glowing in the night sky.” A similar sighting took place in the same area a year ago. To see a video of an earlier UFO sighting in the same area, click here.

The Argus newspaper in the UK reports that “in 2007, the Ministry of Defense revealed that 52 reports of UFOs were made in Sussex from 1998 to 2006.” A red and orange object was again seen streaking across the sky in the same area during the Christmas holidays. The Argus quotes one witness as saying, “I was walking through town when I spotted it. It was moving very fast east to west but then just suddenly stopping. There was absolutely no noise at all. It was spooky.”

In the Guardian newspaper, Mark Townsend reports that “British UFO sightings investigated by a secret branch of the [Ministry of Defense] are soon to be revealed and officials are braced for a torrent of inquiries?every single claim lodged over the past 30 years?are included in the files, whose staged release will begin in spring.”

Art credit: Dana Augustine

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