Why can’t the US do it too? – The Brits did it, the French did it, Canada did it, and now Brazil has done it?but we still resist declassifying our UFO information. Most Americans think that should change, but will that ever happen?

When Brazil was a military dictatorship, from 1964-85, the intelligence agency (the SNI) investigated UFO sightings for years. Those documents are being declassified now.

The Latin American Herald Tribune says that the Brazilian daily Folha de San Paulo newspaper reports that the investigation was called “Operation Saucer,” which investigated sightings of “mysterious lights that caused deaths and hallucinations” in UFO witnesses and tried to determine why some of them suffered from “symptoms of paralysis, superficial burns, intense heat, trembling and tiny holes in the skin.”

According to the Herald Tribune, “Some reports filed by intelligence officers, who slept by day and worked at night, described bluish lights that traveled at a high rate of speed across the sky.”

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Art credit: Dana Augustine

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