UPDATE: 12/13/04 0900 Pacific:XinhuaNews Agency reports that witnesses saw a strange, shiningobject cross the sky at 11:36 PM Saturday night, followed bytremendous booms. Over 700 witnesses have reported seeingthe phenomenon. Police are searching for debris in the areawhere it fell. The earth trembled across a 70 square milearea around the western Chinese city of Lanzhou, suggestingan impact with the ground. But so far, nothing has beenfound.

Shortly before midnight on Saturday night, two red trails oflight passed over Lanzhou in western China. Suddenly, asuburban area of the city was lit up as bright as day and atremendous explosion shook the area, and people felt as ifan earthquake had struck.

Police investigating the phenomenon found no evidence of ameteor, or indeed of any form of debris in the area.

Unlike the US, China takesUFOresearch seriously.

It is possible, of course, that this was an ordinary meteor.

In recent months, there have been numerous reports of heavyUFO activity in western China and parts of India.

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