A Reagan administration program provided Iraq with military planning assistance against Iran even though we knew Iraq planned to use chemical weapons, according to senior military officers who wish to remain anonymous. This went on while we were publicly condemning Iraq for using poison gas on the Kurds. One DIA officer says that chemical weapons “were integrated into [Iraq?s] fire plan for any large operation, and it became more and more obvious.”

In early 1988, after the Iraqi Army, with American planning help, retook the Fao Peninsula and gained access to the Persian Gulf, Lt. Col. Rick Francona checked out the battlefield and reported Iraq had used chemical weapons. He saw zones marked off for chemical contamination, and containers for the drug atropine scattered around, indicating that Iraqi soldiers had taken injections to protect themselves from gas that might blow back over them. Iran claimed it suffered thousands of deaths from chemical weapons.

Despite this, the CIA still provided Iraq with satellite photography of the war front. Col. Walter P. Lang, the senior defense intelligence officer at the time, says, “The use of gas on the battlefield by the Iraqis was not a matter of deep strategic concern.”

The Pentagon “wasn’t so horrified by Iraq’s use of gas,” says one veteran. “It was just another way of killing people ? whether with a bullet or phosgene, it didn’t make any difference.” Now we have to hope Iraq doesn?t decide to use those chemical and biological weapons on us.

Dangerous fanatics like Saddam Hussein are nothing new?Hitler tried to win World War II by using occult powers. To learn all about it, read ?Unholy Alliance? by Peter Levenda,click here.

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