Two nine-year-old girls in Tennessee spotted a UFO. Thedrawings they made of what they saw that show the samestrange craft in the sky.

Linda Trussell writes in the Tullahoma (Tennessee) News thatHaley Atwood and Charlie Holmes saw a UFO. Haley says, “Wewere just out walking the dog and looking at the sunset whenwe saw it over this field. It was as big as that house andwas as far away as that pole over there.” (she points to apole about football field’s length away). “It was red withorange lights and it stayed there about ten minutes beforeleaving. Cagey saw it and barked!” She ran home to tell hermother, who went to get their camera, but found it was outof batteries.

“We think they [aliens] were sending messages to Earth aboutsomething,” Haley says. “Trying to tell us somethingimportant….that maybe there’s a black hole about toswallow up a planet or something like that!”

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