Unknowncountry.com has discovered two remarkable photos?one of a new crop circle in the U.K., the other of UFOs in Paris.

To see several beautiful images of the new crop circle, click here and scroll down. It was discovered on June 26 at Milk Hill, near Alton Barnes in Wiltshire?the heart of crop circle country?and is obviously the image of a gigantic insect. There have other insect-like crop circles in the past few years.

The French Signes (Signs) website reports that 2 triangle-shaped UFOs were seen in Paris on June 30. The UFOs were seen by a witness from his apartment balcony. To see the Paris UFO images, click here.

UPDATE: Suzanne, one our readers, translated the French UFO website for us. Her translation explains why the photos of the UFOs over Paris look fake?they are! She writes: “I just saw your top story tonight about the two extraordinary photos from Paris. I read the description, which accompanies the photos. The writer (“Marc”) describes his experience and [says he] created the photos?to convey what he saw. Marc writes: ‘On the night from Tues. to Wed., near midnight, I looked at the sky from my balcony and all of a sudden I saw a group of luminous balls in triangular formation pass. For 1 or 1.5 seconds I didn’t believe my eyes, but told my wife to come see. She arrived too late, but 15 seconds later, as I was explaining what I just saw, another triangle, completely different, appeared on the other side of the balcony and turned behind a building! And that one she also saw?It didn’t resemble any plane, or anything I have seen…To explain them better, here are two photos that I have “tampered with” to resemble that night.'” Our thanks to Suzanne!

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